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#27 Is your website mobile-friendly enough to serve potential clients?

The world has reached a tipping point of sorts – over half of all online searches are now made with a mobile phone or tablet, rather than a desktop or laptop computer.

So, if a potential client hears about you or is referred to you, would they find your website easy to use on a mobile device? Or would they be frustrated with pages that don’t fit on the screen, with small text, that load slowly, and it’s hard to find the information they want?

#26 Is your content “selling” what your clients don’t want to buy?

It could be that you’ve got a great skill-set and knowledge base. But is the service you want to sell in congruence with what your clients want to buy? As in, are you showing your abilities to solve problems and access opportunities, that your clients are actually concerned about? Or are you focusing on advantages that don’t matter to them – or worse, presenting yourself as something they’d rather stay away from?

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