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#94 Navigate the hazards of getting your firm published in niche media

In an age of Google, is it still worth for professional firms to get their ideas published in third party media, including (gasp) trade magazines? One of the central ideas of this blog is that it is worth the hassle.

Why? Well, third-party niche media are specifically designed to reach very senior people, with significant budgetary discretion.

# 74 One simple step you may be missing to get your article published

You may have been told, “If you want to be seen as a subject-matter expert, you need to get your ideas published!” So you tried. You set aside a weekend to pour your heart and soul into an article, sent it off to an editor … and never even heard back.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing, particularly when you look through publications and see articles like those you’d like to publish, or maybe articles written by colleagues or competitors. What are they doing right that you’re not?

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