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#69 Earn clients’ trust with reviews that say “I’m like you”

Gaining your clients’ trust is huge. If your clients trust you,

They’ll believe your recommendations on other ways you can help them.
They’ll leave you some breathing room if you’re overworked – because you’ve shown them you’ll deliver.
If you make a mistake, they’re confident you’ll make it right, because that’s what you’ve done in the past.
When one of your competitors calls, they’ll just say, “Thanks, we’re happy with our current supplier.” 


#67 How to get more of the work you want, with “newsjacking”

What kind of work do you really, really want to do for your clients?

Move out of repetitive, dull work you’ve done too many times before, through showing your clients you can help them in other, more interesting ways?
Escape the “commodity trap” – you’re performing the same functions as your competitors, which means you can’t raise your fees without getting undercut by someone who’ll work cheaper?
Stop “performing a function” for your clients, and move into being a strategic partner with them?

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