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#36 Boost your article’s effectiveness and placement with photography

Pictures are a big part of success in getting your ideas into publications that are already read and trusted by your potential clients. For a specialized B2B audience, that means trade publications and associated websites. For more information on how to find the best publications for the job, please review post #34.

But if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

#4 Want to get your ideas published? Here’s the way editors like to be approached

Have you ever spent hours – or days – writing an article for an online or print publication, sent it to the editor, and you never even heard back? It’s frustrating and discouraging. Yet you look through trade or professional magazines, or the websites of influential associations, and you see other “expert-written” articles – perhaps by people whose names you recognize. What do they know about this getting-published-business that you don’t?

Here’s how to boost your chances of publishing articles successfully, and of not wasting your time writing something that won’t get published.

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