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#95 3 ways to squeeze maximum value from your firm’s speaking engagements

So you’ve arranged a presentation for one of your firm’s leading lights – we’ll call her “Janet” – and you wished her well when she left the office. Now, she’s back, and you’re asking her about what she got from it. The response you get is a sort of shrug – “I did the presentation and then I left.” No follow-up, no business cards collected, no subscriptions to the firm’s blog or social media.
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#94 Navigate the hazards of getting your firm published in niche media

In an age of Google, is it still worth for professional firms to get their ideas published in third party media, including (gasp) trade magazines? One of the central ideas of this blog is that it is worth the hassle.

Why? Well, third-party niche media are specifically designed to reach very senior people, with significant budgetary discretion.
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#93 3 key questions to kick-start thought leadership content creation

Many business professionals like the idea of creating thought leadership content, but they don’t know how to start – to move past that blank screen.

They may be facing a deadline for a blog post, article, speech or other content, but no topic comes to mind. They’ve clicked on “open new document,” and that’s where they’re stuck. There’s that cursor, and it hasn’t moved. Blink blink blink.
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