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#106 Are you wasting your time trying to publish in the wrong media?

Almost every business professional knows about clients asking for something that they can’t realistically have. Maybe that’s the “Rolls Royce” version of their service, but at “Nissan Micra” prices. Or it’s having an environmental report completed next week, when it will require a year’s worth of site-specific wildlife data.


#103 “Consumability” and “Easter eggs” – an online marketing demystifier, Part 1

Do you know what a squeeze page is? A lead magnet? How about newsjacking?

All are terms from the fast-growing field of online marketing. Professional services marketing has grabbed the online marketing trend with both hands and both feet. But what passes for wisdom in online marketing sometimes doesn’t work in professional services. Or it works, but only if the ideas are adapted to professional services (see my definition of “Facebook pixel” below).
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