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Claim a position in your ideal clients’ world by publishing a series of three articles, to be re-packaged as the text of an e-book or white paper showing thought leadership.

There are good reasons why advertisers buy multiple insertions of the same advertisement – the need for repetition of exposure to the message. That’s what the Thought Leader package gets you – a chance for potential clients to build familiarity with the names and ideas of the skilled professionals your firm depends on for future growth.

Of course, publishing multiple articles in the same publication isn’t like buying multiple insertions of the same advertisement. Many editors don’t like to accept too many articles by any one firm – it looks too much like collusion with that firm, and editors understandably want to avoid that perception. This is why these articles are often best presented as a series, dealing with a different aspect of the topic in each article. It could also be similar articles in different publications, each reaching a different market. But the key is to help your designated “thought leader” demonstrate their depth of understanding of the needs of the people they want to serve.

So, the Thought Leader package includes:

The article-development-and-publishing steps of the Speedy Success package, for three articles, including social media support.

Development of the text for an e-book or white paper, which you can then have your own team package in an aesthetically pleasing way. This then acts as a “lead magnet,” which is a content marketing term referring to a high-value offering that you can provide to people who agree to sign up for your mailing list. This then gives you a chance to continue to influence the people your firm most wants as clients.

Total cost of the Thought Leader package: US$5,000.

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