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Thought Leadership Leverage

Peter Winick provides a good ideas on how to develop content that demonstrates expertise and thought leadership – in video as well as text blog form.

Famous in Your Field

Lori Byron offers a strong dose of optimism and practical advice on how individuals can become, well, famous in their field. Her blog contains some good practical advice on technology as well as the human touch.

Amy Porterfield

One of the stars in the world of content marketing to build one’s personal profile, Amy focuses on Facebook, which to me is mostly a B2C medium. But many of her ideas work well for B2B markets too. Her blog and audio podcast are a wonderful way to get information from some really big-name guests.

Content Marketing Institute

This is one of the main sources I use to learn about content marketing trends and technologies. Its focus is on large organizations, but many of the ideas in it apply to anyone who wants to create content that helps others, and also helps sell.

Six Pixels of Separation

This well-regarded blog contains a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing, with posts going back 12 years.
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