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#6 How you can focus your content so it meets your clients’ most pressing needs

Does your content focus on what you want to say – or on what your prospective client wants to hear? The best topics for blogs are those that show your ability to meet the most pressing issues that your clients want to solve.

That is your objective, right? You DO want to make sure that what you’re selling, in terms of services, is what the market wants to buy? Anything else, and you’ll get lonely, with an empty bank account.

Here’s how one particular kind of content can help keep you on the straight and narrow – aligning your services with the market’s needs. It’s called “newsjacking,” which is a term from the world of content marketing.


#5 How avatars can help your content target your client’s hot buttons

Have you been developing thought leadership content that does a good job of showcasing your skills, but it’s not working? It’s not showing up in topic searches on Google, and it’s not effective at convincing clients to get in touch?

Some people think that solving this is all about the right keywords and other forms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And I agree, it’s important to have those elements in place. But go deeper to genuinely serve the needs of the people you want as clients.

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#1 Why case studies are best if they make your client look amazing Featured

Case studies are a great way to show how you help your clients. They reassure prospective clients that you can do great work. Further it can help to cement your relationship with the client for whom you did the job. In many proposals, having some good case studies, or project descriptions, is an essential part of a winning proposal.

Yet how many times has a client said to you, “You did good work on this project, but we want you to keep it confidential.” How do you get your client’s buy-in about publishing a case study about your work?

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