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#124 3 ways marketers can gain cooperation from fee-earners

One of my clients recently asked about how to get better cooperation from the subject-matter experts (SMEs) who are the authors of the content. My work for this firm is mostly around ghosting content based on interviews, PowerPoints and other written materials, and it’s what’s now called “thought leadership content marketing.”


#122 Reach the C-suite indirectly, through the professionals they rely on

If your firm needs to reach senior-level executives – the C-suite – to present your services, it can be difficult to get a chance. Senior people are guarded by assistants, voice mail, a never-ending schedule of meetings, and frequent travel. They’re not likely to see your e-mails, take your calls, return your voice mails, or be at any networking events you can get into.


#118 Is your firm reaching all 4 kinds of media read by your ideal clients?

Many professional services firms today are tightening their marketing focus these days, often with a focus of developing and building relationships with certain specific target companies  the “key client” strategy. Marketers are under pressure to do their part in building and retaining their firm’s relationship with these clients.

#117 What’s the one purpose of your firm’s content? Sales

If you ask many professional firm marketers the purpose of their firm’s content marketing program, they may come back with vague ideas like “to position our firm’s members as thought leaders,” or “To build awareness.” That’s easy to say, but hard to do, and harder yet to verify whether or not it’s working.


#116 4 steps to helping business professionals generate content

But it takes so much of their time!” is a frequent complaint that many professional services marketers have about content marketing, followed by, “We can’t get our firm’s busy professionals to generate content.”

Well, yes, it consumes some of their time. But it doesn’t have to take a lot, at least not in comparison to the benefits they receive.

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