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#4 Want to get your ideas published? Here’s the way editors like to be approached

Have you ever spent hours – or days – writing an article for an online or print publication, sent it to the editor, and you never even heard back? It’s frustrating and discouraging. Yet you look through trade or professional magazines, or the websites of influential associations, and you see other “expert-written” articles – perhaps by people whose names you recognize. What do they know about this getting-published-business that you don’t?

Here’s how to boost your chances of publishing articles successfully, and of not wasting your time writing something that won’t get published.


#3 How to show your expertise by getting published – even if you hate writing

Maybe you’ve seen that another independent professional, someone you know, has published an article in a business magazine. Or, this person has a well-regarded blog with hundreds of subscribers. Maybe they’ve produced a white paper that’s getting great reviews.

You know the importance of building your professional profile through publishing your ideas. But you hate writing. Maybe English isn’t your first language, and you’re not confident as a writer. So how can you get your ideas published?

There is help available. Here are some ideas on how you can get your ideas published, even if you hate writing.


#2 Can’t get your ideas into the C-suite? Go through someone they trust

If you need to reach senior-level executives – the C-suite – to present your services, it can be difficult to get a chance. Senior people are guarded by assistants, voice mail, a never-ending schedule of meetings, and frequent travel. They’re not likely to see your e-mails, take your calls, return your voice mails, or be at any networking events you can get into.

So, how do you demonstrate the value you offer, when that C-suite seems to be a fortress designed to keep you out?  Instead of trying to storm the main gate, find another door. Do this by developing allies among the people already known and trusted by the senior executives you need to reach.

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#1 Why case studies are best if they make your client look amazing Featured

Case studies are a great way to show how you help your clients. They reassure prospective clients that you can do great work. Further it can help to cement your relationship with the client for whom you did the job. In many proposals, having some good case studies, or project descriptions, is an essential part of a winning proposal.

Yet how many times has a client said to you, “You did good work on this project, but we want you to keep it confidential.” How do you get your client’s buy-in about publishing a case study about your work?

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