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#120 How to show your firm’s members are “the safe choice” (and why that matters)

In the days of mainframe computing, there was a saying: “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” The machines produced by Big Blue (as it was called) might be pricey, but they had a reputation for reliability. Their salesmen (and they were nearly always men) wore blue pin-striped suits that matched their company’s logo. The company’s reputation meant that any executive could defend the decision to choose IBM over its competition. IBM was the safe choice.


#118 Is your firm reaching all 4 kinds of media read by your ideal clients?

Many professional services firms today are tightening their marketing focus these days, often with a focus of developing and building relationships with certain specific target companies  the “key client” strategy. Marketers are under pressure to do their part in building and retaining their firm’s relationship with these clients.

#117 What’s the one purpose of your firm’s content? Sales

If you ask many professional firm marketers the purpose of their firm’s content marketing program, they may come back with vague ideas like “to position our firm’s members as thought leaders,” or “To build awareness.” That’s easy to say, but hard to do, and harder yet to verify whether or not it’s working.

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