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Carl FriesenHelp your firm
reach lucrative
niche markets

Does your firm need to show it can add value in lucrative but hard-to-reach markets? We help make that easy by doing one thing really, really well – getting your firm’s ideas published in niche media that are trusted by your firm’s ideal clients.

You can count on us to work with your firm’s professionals to create effective content, find the right niche media, and get your message published.
And our promise to you is: YOU PAY FOR RESULTS, NOT EFFORT. If we can’t get that article published, you don’t owe us a cent.


The Explorer

Dig into your ideal clients’ world, with the help of the world’s leading media database, to find out which niche publications are good vehicles for your firm’s message.

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Speedy Success

We’ll work with one of your firm’s key professionals to help them create and publish an article in a niche publication relied on and trusted by people in their market. 

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Showing Expertise

If your purpose is to build your firm up as a thought leader in its field, we can help. This can include helping you create blog posts and other content showing what your firm offers.

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Latest in Thought Leadership Resources

#105 4 unexpected benefits of creating thought leadership content

Have you ever had a conversation like one I had recently? It was with an environmental scientist with a consulting firm I’ve worked with previously, and I was suggesting she might want to publish some articles that would show her expertise to potential clients.

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#104 “Gated content” and “squeeze page” – an online marketing demystifier, Part 2

In blog post #103, I presented the first half of this glossary of terms from the world of content marketing, and how they apply to professional services marketing. Here’s the second half.

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#103 “Consumability” and “Easter eggs” – an online marketing demystifier, Part 1

Do you know what a squeeze page is? A lead magnet? How about newsjacking?

All are terms from the fast-growing field of online marketing. Professional services marketing has grabbed the online marketing trend with both hands and both feet. But what passes for wisdom in online marketing sometimes doesn’t work in professional services. Or it works, but only if the ideas are adapted to professional services (see my definition of “Facebook pixel” below).

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