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Is your firm looking for a way to stand out from its competition and gain a competitive advantage? Yet despite the expertise your firm offers, do your firm’s members struggle to get noticed by prospective clients and be seen as thought-leaders?

This book is written for marketers within professional services firms. It will tell you how you can use the power of content marketing to help your firm demonstrate expertise and thought leadership. You’ll learn how to:

• Protect existing client relationships through content that shows your firm to be the go-to source of expertise in its field
• Generate content that reaches out effectively to prospective clients
• Building a sustainable way to generate thought leadership content
• Leverage content in many ways, across many platforms, to maximize value and reach more potential clients

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Your Expertise Edge

Many business professionals in "sustainability" fields -- environmental scientists, hydrologists, consulting archaeologists, urban planners, engineers, environmental lawyers and others -- struggle to get known for their expertise and to stand out as offering a distinctive difference. This book shows them how to use the power of content marketing to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge to potential clients. As a result, they can get more work of the kind they want to do, and gain the income level they want.

The book discusses the growing range of 'content vehicles' such as YouTube, Soundcloud, SlideShare, LinkedIn and Twitter. It tells how to choose a theme that will motivate a prospective client to take action, and gives tips on how to leverage their time to greatest effect.

This book is for business professionals working in firms, those in private practice, and for marketing professionals seeking to understand how to use the fast-changing social media landscape to reach potential clients.

Available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon >>

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