Our story is about how we can help you tell your story.

When I say “our story” that’s mostly “my story,” in that when you hire Thought Leadership Resources, you’re getting me. Sometimes I’ll bring in some trusted colleagues who do work I’m not suited for (that would include graphics and web design). Here’s my background:

Journalism background: I have a B. Journalism degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, which taught me the basics about how to dig for what matters, and convey ideas. I have several years of experience as a reporter, editor and freelancer on community and daily newspapers, as well as magazines. This means I can present your ideas in ways the media find useful and publishable.

MBA in Marketing: This taught me some of the principles of business. I find that many of the more scientifically-inclined (well, “geeky”) people I work with, need help in conveying their expertise in ways understandable to business readers. The MBA helps me determine what your ideal customers or clients need to know about what you offer.

Experience in thought leadership content: Since 1992, I’ve been helping business professionals reach out to potential clients through thought leadership content. This started with seven years in media relations with KPMG, and then about 15 years as an independent consultant helping a wide range of businesses produce effective content. Much of this work was on what is now called environmental-social-governance (ESG) matters. This means I can frame your story within the issues that most matter to your ideal clients.

I stay current: I’m frequently honing my skills in areas like SEO, video production and social media, through online courses and reading. I consume relevant news media voraciously, so I understand the current issues – meaning I can make sure your message resonates with what senior leaders are concerned about right now.

Walking the talk: I’ve been a home-based business for over 20 years, before it was cool. I’ve designed my business so I rarely need to burn fossil fuels in order to do my work. I drive a hybrid, but I walk and cycle for most of what I need, like groceries. I’m mostly vegan and again, before it was cool. I give back through being on the board of a grassroots NGO, Community Education Services, that provides scholarships for HIV-affected people from poor families in Kenya.