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One of the most challenging parts of this whole “get published in niche media” is, well, finding those niche media. One reason it’s hard is that you aren’t your client. You don’t necessarily know all of the blogs, association websites and publications in your client’s world. Niche publications want to reach readers in their niche, and this means if you’re not in their world, it’s hard to find them.

In the course, I’ve recommended finding media your clients trust by talking with people in your market, and doing standard online research. Plus, an often-overlooked resource – your public library, particularly its reference librarians. Public libraries, and those associated with colleges and universities, often have access to some powerful subscription-only online resources.

But if you really want to reach the right niche publications to get your ideas in front of your ideal clients, you may need to go further.

Cisionpoint – comprehensive, amazing, pricey

This is why PR professionals rely on expensive paid-access-only media directories to find current lists of editors, reporters and publications. The best one I know of for this purpose is Cisionpoint, which is THE media directory of choice for PR professionals – comprehensive, accurate and updated relentlessly.

Here, you find detailed contact information on editors, journalists, bloggers, freelancers and their associated media. Back in the days when Cision used print directories, this information came in two printed volumes, each over three inches – 15 cm – thick. Now, it’s all online. Cisionpoint is the vital tool I use to find publications on the consulting side of my own business.

One downside is that Cisionpoint is expensive. Quite frankly, I wince just a little bit when I pay their invoice north of US$3,000 each year, but I pay it because I need it to do my work. Another downside is that partly because Cisionpoint is so powerful, it can be hard for a newcomer to use. I spent a lot of time on their tutorial videos, and a lot of time on their customer support line, learning how to get the most from the database.

So, my offer to you is – you don’t need to pay over $3K for Cisionpoint. You also don’t need to struggle to learn how to use it. I’ll take care of all that. In a half-hour online coaching session, I’ll help you find the publications that are known and trusted by your ideal clients. Here’s how that works:

1.     You book a half-hour online coaching session with me, to be done using Skype.

2.     I’ll send you a list of questions about what clients and markets you particularly want to reach, so that our time together online is most productive for you.

3.     During the Skype session, we’ll do a screen-share on Skype, and I’ll pull up Cision.

4.     I’ll walk you through finding the right publications for your market, and I’ll help you analyze each publication possibility to see if it’s worthwhile for you.

5.     At the end of the session, I’ll send you a report with detailed information on each publication, so you can take a closer look at each possibility for you.

The result is that you have confidence that you’ve researched the right publications for you, with what may be the best media database available, with the help of someone who knows the database well, to find the best publications for reaching your ideal client.

Performance guarantee

On rare occasions, I haven’t been able to find publications that reach the markets one of my business professional clients wants to reach. I want to be sure you’re covered, in case that happens for you. 

So, if I’m not able to find at least THREE print or online publications that match your market, I’ll refund your money. Look at it this way – I don’t like paying something for nothing either, and I’m not about to do that to you.

Price for your “Unlock” session is US$95, applicable taxes included.

To book your “Unlock the world of niche publications reaching YOUR clients,” you can set up an appointment with me on Calendly.


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Carl Friesen

Thought Leadership Resources focuses on helping individual business professionals learn the skills they need to build a successful business. We use the principles of Content Marketing to help you create useful information and get it in front of potential clients and referral sources. That way, they’ll come to see you as knowledgeable, helpful and the go-to person in your field.

As a result, you’ll be able to do more of the work you love, for clients that you enjoy working with – and earn the kind of money you deserve.

How we help you build your profile

We do this through walking the talk, building an online resource of free content that shows you, in practical ways, how you can build your ideal professional practice. Some of this content is in blog form, as well as white papers, videos, slide shows, info-graphics and other forms, to meet a range of learning styles.

We also offer paid resources in the form of books, webinars and online courses.

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

My work with Thought Leadership Resources is based on a background in journalism, sales and marketing, with over 15 years of experience in helping business professionals demonstrate expertise. I’ve had the honor of working with clients all over the world, in places that include Singapore, Australia, China, South Africa, Denmark, the United States and Canada.  

To do this work, I have a degree in Journalism with experience as a reporter and editor, an MBA in Marketing, and six years of experience leading the Media Relations effort of KPMG in Canada. I also have four years of experience in Marketing with the international firm Golder Associates.

I work with a range of business associates who support the work of Thought Leadership Resources – people who have skills that can benefit users of TLI resources.

I’m based in Mississauga, Canada.

So … who am I, really?

My personal priorities involve:

Cycling – I’m a longterm member of Toronto Bicycling Network, and I ride as a form of socializing, recreation, exercise and to get places without using a car.

Outdoorsy things – I snowshoe and Nordic ski in winter, with some back-country trips each year. I’ve hiked the Alps, the Rockies and the Appalachians.

Working with people from different cultures – For ten years, I volunteered at Matthew House, a faith-based residence for refugee claimants in Toronto. I work hard at building supplier relationships for TLR in places like North and East Africa.

Reducing my environmental footprint:  I’m “mostly” vegan, which means I eat very little animal protein, and this helps reduce my footprint a lot. Each year, my Other Half and I institute a capital investment on our house that makes it more energy-efficient (most recently, better ceiling insulation). I take public transit, walk or cycle whenever practical, rather than drive. And much as I love to travel, I’ve cut back on airplane trips.

Carl Friesen, Founder

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