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Should you invest in “Get that article published!”?

This course is for you IF:

  • You’re tired of cold-calling your way to your next client engagement
  • You have subject-matter expertise that your potential clients will value
  • You have a clear idea of who your ideal clients are – you just have to get your ideas in front of them
“Get that article published!” will teach you how you can create really useful articles that will show your expertise – and then get those articles published in niche media that are already relied upon and trusted by the people you most want as clients.

You don’t waste time putting your best ideas down in text form, and then trusting that Google will somehow put those ideas in front of your ideal clients. Rather, you’ll have the advantage of putting those ideas in the exact place that your ideal clients are already looking – in the online and print specialty publications they know about and trust. The editors of these media are eager to work with subject-matter experts such as you – provided you reach out to them in the right way – the way you’ll learn in this course.

“Get that article published!” will teach you:

  • How articles in niche online and print publications help build your career
  • How editors of niche media see the world, and how you fit in
  • Finding and analyzing the media trusted by YOUR clients
  • The insider’s trick for getting buy-in to your article idea from the editor, BEFORE you write it
  • Themes for articles that show you understand your client’s world
  • How case studies can hold you back in your career – OR propel you forward
  • How to get it all done, and still have a life
How you’ll learn: Through the spoken word, text on the screen, a transcript of each lesson, and extra resources included with each lesson.
How the course is designed: There are ten lessons, each about 15 minutes, for a total of almost three hours of instruction.
How it works: You can take the course as many times as you want, and review each lesson – no time limit.

This information is based on:

  • My understanding of the news media, gained through having a Journalism degree and several years of experience as a reporter and editor
  • Several more years of experience as a freelance writer – honing my ideas on how to work with editors
  • 15 years of experience helping business professionals – architects, consultants, lawyers, engineers and others – to publish their ideas in niche publications
  • Obsessive learning about current tools for business professionals who want to get known for their expertise
  • Author of five books on how to build a professional profile as a thought leaders
  • Frequent public speaking on this topic helps me stay in touch with the issues professionals like you are facing, in building their careers

Your guarantee

If you complete “Get that article published!” and can show me that you’ve tried to apply the ideas but it didn’t meet your expectations, I’ll gladly refund your money.

Your next step

I’m looking forward to helping you along the way to a brighter professional future, in which you’re recognized as a subject-matter expert in your field – through getting your ideas into places where your ideal clients go to learn.

Start this next stage of your professional journey!

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