Golder, a global geotechnical and environmental firm now part of WSP, had a big opportunity in 2019 and wanted to grab it with both hands.

The “opportunity” was new regulations in the Province of Ontario, Canada, on excess soil. This is soil pulled from construction sites, and much of this was being disposed of in environmentally questionable ways. O. Reg. 406/19 was intended to bring discipline and higher environmental standards to this aspect of the construction industry.

To support this, Golder commissioned Thought Leadership Resources to develop some thought leadership content that would position Golder as a leading authority on the new legislation. I interviewed several of Golder’s professionals, and ghost-wrote 11 blog posts on various aspects of the new legislation.

These posts were distributed online and through social media, and combined into an e-book.

In Golder’s words: “The campaign was a huge success resulting in 50 leads, 25 client presentations, 6 projects, 40 qualified leads and approximately $500K in revenue, and has been featured firmwide as a case study.”

“GET THE DIRT!” won an Award of Merit from the Society for Marketing Professional Services in 2020.

See an example of a blog post written for this series