Clients and customers need to know that you’ve got a firm understanding of trends that will affect them, and that your solutions will help them deal with a future that may be different from today.

San Francisco-based engineering firm TYLin asked me to help them show their abilities to meet the future needs of public transit agencies. So I chose a publication, “Passenger Transport,” by the influential American Public Transportation Association, and presented an article on trends in public transit. The editor asked us to go ahead, and I interviewed TYLin’s Vice President and Managing Principal for their Mobility Systems Division, to ghost-write a first draft of the publication. After she reviewed my first draft and made corrections, we sent it to the editor and got it published along with some futuristic images of public transportation systems.

This article positions TYLin as an authority in its subject matter and able to help its clients “future-proof” their transit systems.

See a copy of the article here