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#95 3 ways to squeeze maximum value from your firm’s speaking engagements

So you’ve arranged a presentation for one of your firm’s leading lights – we’ll call her “Janet” – and you wished her well when she left the office. Now, she’s back, and you’re asking her about what she got from it. The response you get is a sort of shrug – “I did the presentation and then I left.” No follow-up, no business cards collected, no subscriptions to the firm’s blog or social media.

#62 What work do you really, really want? Here’s how to get it

Where do you want to be, professionally, a few years from now? Do you want to –
   •  Meet the needs of an industry different from the one you serve now, maybe one that has always fascinated you?
   •  Get bigger clients, which are less likely to have a problem with the fees your work is worth?
   •  Become an advisor to your clients, offering strategic advice rather than a transactional service?
Well … get out your suitcase, we’re going traveling.

#60 Conquer your fear of public speaking with a mindset change

Should you be putting more work into getting speaking engagements to build your personal profile as an expert in your field? Just maybe. Consider:

Potential clients get to see what you’re like as a person
You can interact with people from the stage, building a relationship with them
People at the event have more respect for what you say even in ordinary conversations, because you’re wearing that “Speaker” badge (It works! Really!!)
It looks good on social media, on your CV and on your LinkedIn profile
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